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Lauren’s Hope is a medical ID jewelry company run by some of the most terrific people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I have had the pleasure of writing for the Lauren’s Hope blog, dramatically increasing their Facebook engagement, and creating an increasingly large, active Pinterest presence. Working closely with their Marketing Director, I plotted out several months of company blogging at a time, sought and conducted interviews with customers and subject matter experts for the blog, and promoted the blog successfully via social media. I also used current trends, customer feedback, and analytic data to help select and generate content and manage their social media to increase brand awareness, interacting daily with the company’s followers via Pinterest, blog comments, and Facebook.

I wrote quite a few blog pieces for Lauren’s Hope. You can see everything I did for them by reviewing the blog archives (bottom right of blog home page) from April through August 2012. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • • A personal piece, this was my first article for Lauren’s Hope, and it was a great way to open up and introduce myself to the readers. I typically stay out of the blogs, but I made an exception for that piece and one other, an awareness article I wrote about a dear friend with lung cancer.
  • Cassie’s Story and Ryan’s Story were challenging, yet important to write. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview their moms, and I’m hopeful that the awareness information in these pieces may have helped other families.
  • • Sometimes, I had the chance to talk with older kids directly, such as when I interviewed Amber, a remarkable young woman, for this piece about living gluten-free with life-threatening allergies.
  • • Sometimes, social media feeds on itself, such as with this piece about two women who connected via the Lauren’s Hope Facebook page.
TribalVision is a Rhode Island-based outsourced marketing company with a variety of interesting clients for whom I’ve subcontracted. My work with TribalVision has included SEO content, company blogs, websites, conference prep, research, in-house content needs, white papers, proposals, and even the TribalVision company blog.

Here are a few samples from my work with the TV team!
Home Improvement blog
IT White Paper
Article Directory SEO Content

I’ve also been quite fortunate to work with the outstanding marketing team at Accelerated Online, operated by David Lelong. In addition to managing many of the SEO content needs for David’s varied client list, I’ve had a blast providing lots of their blogging, social media content, client newsletters, and press releases.

Fashion Blog (very tongue-in-cheek and fun, just search for my articles by name)
Facebook Content (social media content for Winfield-Flynn)
Newsletters (Winfield-Flynn and America’s Wineshop)
Metal Architecture Blog (custom furnishings and designs, installs, and more)
SEO Content (law office)
SEO Content (health care)
SEO Content (tree removal)
SEO Content (test prep)
Fast A/R Funding is an accounts receivable factoring company providing reliable funding for small business financing. I had absolutely no idea what that meant when I started with them, but that's what technical writing and web content generation is all about! Working with Fast A/R Funding has been a lot of fun. I learned all about their business so I could write effective, SEO-friendly content for FastARFunding.com, and both the client and I are very pleased with the results. Their site is currently in Beta release, and I continue to work on their content, both static and dynamic, on a regular basis.

TheDesign+ER is a great web design company (they built this one!). For this site, I provided editorial input and proofreading work only, with minor rewrites. When my clients need a web designer, I always recommend Liesel at The Design+ER.

When I'm not working on JayBird Media projects, I devote a lot of my time to Will People, a grassroots organization focused on raising money to help families who are raising children with autism. I developed 100% of the site content on www.willpeople.org (also built by The Design+ER!).

National Center for Construction Education and Research
While the majority of my current work is web-focused, I'm also experienced in technical writing and curriculum development. During my five years with the National Center for Construction Education and Research, I was involved in dozens of textbook and assessment test developments and revisions, and was proud to provide all of the technical writing for Safety Orientation, a handbook used by some of the country's largest construction and pipeline corporations.

what people are saying

Damien Cabral, VP, Client Experience, TribalVision:
“Tara is one in a million. She is always pleasant to work with, calls me back the same day, and turns in solid deliverables on time. While these traits may seem rudimentary, they are very rare in business today. Tara works diligently on both long-term and last minute projects and always has the client’s needs at heart. Here at TribalVision, we don’t view Tara as freelance writer but a virtual member of our team we couldn’t possibly do without.”

David Lelong, Owner, Accelerated Online:
"For almost a year now, I've been giving Tara content creation projects including website copy, blog posts, social media updates, and email copy. She consistently delivers high-quality content on schedule that's relevant to the target audience. I can safely say her content is responsible for increased engagement and, more importantly, increased revenues across a variety of industries including manufacturing, education, retail, and technology.
I recommend her writing services to anyone seeking a talented writer who can create compelling content that has positive business impact."

Here's what the management team at Fast A/R Funding has to say about JayBird Media:
"JayBird Media provides outstanding service for Fast A/R Funding, generating static site content, blog and news articles, and ad materials. Tara Cohen has created SEO-friendly text while keeping the site easy to read and interesting. She has taken the time to learn our business in order to write accurate, compelling copy for both our website and our off-site SEO materials, and even some of our internal documents. Additionally, she has taken on the role of consultant to our design team to make the site more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. She's professional, accessible, and extremely reliable. We couldn't be happier with her work."

Liesel Brooks, Owner of The Design+ER:
"JayBird Media is a great partner for The Design+ER. As a graphic design company, we develop all kinds of websites and promotional materials. Often, our clients provide raw text that needs to be rewritten for Search Engine Optimization, style, and ease of reading. Tara Cohen does all of that for our clients, providing great materials that really capture our clients' individual personalities while also giving us consistently reliable service with a personal touch. Plus, she's just a rock star writer. We highly recommend her!"

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