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Why hire a professional writer?

Large Companies
In today’s global marketplace, companies increasingly rely on websites and promotional materials to make lasting, positive first impressions. Professional writing is one of the most cost-effective and affordable tools available to create that favorable image.

Professionally written website content captures readers’ attention while establishing your corporate persona and brand. Of course, today’s websites do more than provide information; they also bring in business through search engine optimization. JayBird Media specializes in writing keyword- and keyphrase-rich content while efficiently communicating your message through engaging, brand-aware text.

Whether you need a fresh set of eyes on your doctoral thesis or an expertly worded letter to your landlord, JayBird Media is on the job. We create personalized, engaging resumes and draft polished cover letters to go with them! We write everything from complaint letters to kindergarten applications! We edit. We proofread. We write. And we help you make the very best impression possible.

Whether your existing website needs retooling or you’re starting from scratch, JayBird Media will work with your web design team to create an online presence that truly reflects your corporate persona.

Small Businesses
How better to grow your small business than with fantastic marketing materials? As websites have replaced most traditional paper marketing materials, having a professionally written, polished website has become essential for businesses of every size.

"This 'n That"

Tara Cohen loves to talk! So, JayBird Media is pleased to offer voice-over work, public speaking, corporate presentations, and training seminars. Consider hiring Tara for your next training seminar, and give your voice a break!

Wondering about something that’s not on the list? We’re always up for a new challenge! Email us for a free consultation!